The Aim of the department

The Aim of the department

The aim of the department is to train staffs to work as a researcher in the information and records management field and train “information professionals” who undertake successfully the information and records management within the public or in the private sector.

Information age foresees to being getting awareness of the vital and strategic importance of primarily knowledge (information) in order to maintain and develop the presence of individuals, community and organizations more efficiently and effectively; foresees the dissemination of this knowledge; foresees to establish more appropriate and systematic relationship between users requesting information and information resources. This situation increases the strategic importance of the organizations that serve with the aim of regulating, accessing and providing of information sources which increase and diverse day by day,  enriches and diversifies their services.

Information sources like books, periodicals, archival documents, maps, slides, audio / video cassettes, music notes, CD-ROM, DVD or in other forms are important sources and documents as they contain   all the recorded knowledge of mankind and they allow them to transfer from generation to generation.

Institutions that perform under the names such as libraries, archives, documentation and information center, information center, document-information center are responsible for performing, in a   regular, systematic and scientific way, the services of providing, storing, classifying and indexing of information sources. Professionals who work as a/an librarian', 'archivists', ‘information expert ', 'information manager’ in these Institutions are located in the category of ‘information professionals’ today.

Information professionals are trained in the environment of “information management” discipline in order to manage efficiently the relationships between information sources, information user and information using in the organizations they will work. Newly emerging this field is educated especially in the perspectives library and information science, achieve science and management; also it is benefited from the modern information technologies in the education. There is a computer lab 30 students can use at the same time in our department.

In our department that offers different programs in the level of undergraduate and graduate (master's and doctoral), there are 18 faculty members well-known with their national and international successful investigations and studies in their field. It is given importance to national issues related with our field are dealt with and investigated in the environment of national and international knowledge. Our department has been publishing a refereed journal called "Document and Information Studies ...) once a year since 1987. Our department’s name that started teaching in 1964-1965 and used to be called “Department of Librarianship” till 2002, was changed as “Department of Information and Records Management” by the decision of the Higher Education Council; our programs were revised in accordance with these changes. There are compulsory and elective courses in our syllabus. Also, there is opportunity for our students to register to the double major programs in other departments of Faculty of Letters within the framework of related regulations.

Our department has graduated thousands so far. Our graduates can find work in the public or private sector such as library, document-information center, documentation center, archive department as well as in the computer firms and media organizations. We are proud of our students being successful in their institutions.

We say "welcome" to all students enrolled our department and we wish them success in their education.